Daily Archives: November 9, 2020

Establishment of Sahulat Bazars big initiative of incumbent government: Aslam

Punjab Minister for Industries & Trade Mian Aslam Iqbal visited various Sahulat Bazars today (Monday) and reviewed the availability, quality and prices of essential items in the markets. On this occasion, the Minister has reprimanded the concerned officers and administration for not making ensure displaying of price lists in the shops. He directed to ensure

Pakistan to export cherries to China next year

China says that first batch of cherries is expected to export from Pakistan to China next year. In an interview with the CEN at the third China International Import Expo being held in Shanghai, representative of Huazhilong International Trading Private Ltd Pakistan Li Wei in a statement said Pakistani cherries are really good, including sweetness

Digital transaction helps to strengthen economy and its documentation: President

President Dr Arif Alvi has emphasized on elimination of corruption, enhancing efficiency, governance and taking care of the poor for the development and progress of the country. Addressing the soft launch ceremony of Financial Pakistan Expo 2020 in Islamabad today (Monday), he said digital transaction not only ensure facilitation, but also helps strengthening economy and

First Passengers Travel Safely on a Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop’s XP-2 Vehicle Josh Giegel, CTO and Co-Founder, and Sara Luchian, Director of Passenger Experience, make history as the first to ride– bringing hyperloop one step closer to realisation in the Middle East DP World’s Chairman and CEO watches event first-hand in Nevada Enormous potential for the GCC to lead the world in hyperloop […]

‫ نجاح تاريخي للتجربة الأولى في مجال نقل الركاب عبر “هايبرلوب”

“موانئ دبي العالمية” شاهدٌ مشارك في صناعة مستقبل النقل السريع والمستدام في العالم نجاح تاريخي للتجربة الأولى في مجال نقل الركاب عبر “هايبرلوب”  رئيس مجلس الإدارة الرئيس التنفيذي لمجموعة موانئ دبي العالمية يشهد الحدث في ولاية نيڤادا  الأمريكية الرئيس التقني والشريك المؤسس جوش جيجل، وسارا لوشيان، مدير تجربة الركاب، يفتحان صفحة جديدة في تاريخ قطاع […]