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World Hepatitis Day observed

World Hepatitis Day was observed on Saturday.

There are five types of hepatitis, from A through to E, and hepatitis C is the ninth leading cause of death across the world. Some 350 million people around the globe are long term carriers of hepatitis C.

World Health Organization (WHO) has announced to focus the theme “Test. Treat. Hepatitis” observing viral hepatitis B & C were major health challenges, affecting 325 million people globally. They are root causes of liver cancer, leading to 1.34 million deaths every year, according to WHO.

Pakistan was second largest country in the world having highest rate of hepatitis patients which were around 12 million. In recent years due to modern research and availability of medicines the treatment of hepatitis had become much easier.

Each year, 150,000 people in the country die of complications from hepatitis B and C. Around 90pc of those who get hepatitis B recover within six months without treatment.

The doctor urged people to ensure their children are vaccinated for hepatitis and to avoid using unsterilized instruments.

Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Dr Hasan Askari has said that creating necessary awareness among the masses about protection from hepatitis is very essential.

In his message on World Hepatitis Day, the Chief Minister said that society will also have to play its role for eradicating hepatitis from the society.

He said collective efforts would have to be initiated to save the new generation from this fatal disease.

Source: Radio Pakistan

Flood affects crops, road infrastructure in GB

In Gilgit-Baltistan, flash floods have affected water channels, standing crops, cattle sheds and road infrastructure in Gilgit, Ghizer, Skardu and Ghanche districts.

Gilgit-Baltistan Disaster Management Authority sources said flash flood has affected fifteen houses in Bargo Pain near Gilgit.

In Ghizer, water is discharging from Badswat Artificial Lake.

Meanwhile, Pak Army aviation Helicopters have made eight sorties to the Badswat and transported 900 metric tons of relief goods to isolated villages in Ishkoman.

Source: Radio Pakistan

CJP directs to appear all those receiving salaries over 3Lac from Punjab companies

The Chief Justice of Pakistan has directed all those officers who have been receiving salaries more than three lac from Punjab companies to appear before court tomorrow (Sunday).

Hearing a suo-moto notice case of receiving extra salaries in Punjab companies’ scandal at the Lahore Registry of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, he also ordered to recover the extra salaries from these officers and deposit this amount into dams’ fund.

Hearing another case against the illegal occupation of LDA land by the patrol-pump owners, the Chief Justice has given the time frame of sixty days to the owners of the patrol pumps for winding up their business.

The auction process of the land recovered from them will be started after fifteen days.

Source: Radio Pakistan

Political stability in Pakistan will give new impetus to Kashmiris’ struggle: Masood

President Azad Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan says political stability and economic prosperity in Pakistan will give a new impetus to freedom struggle in Kashmir.

In a meeting with vice President of Muslim League Azad Jammu and Kashmir Syed Akram Shah in Islamabad today (Saturday), he said India should end its atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

He asked India to give the right of self-determination to the people of occupied Kashmir.

Source: Radio Pakistan