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T10 League: Kerala Kings beat Bengal Tigers

In the first match of T10 League at Sharjah, Kerala Kings beat Bengal Tigers by eight wickets last night.

And, in the second match Pakhtoons defeated Maratha Arabian by 25 runs.

Source: Radio Pakistan

3rd Ashes Test: Australia 203 for 3 at stumps

Australia were 203 for three at stumps on the second day of the third Ashes Test against Australia in Perth today (Friday).

Steve Smith was on 92 and Shaun Marsh was on seven, with Craig Overton having claimed two wickets.

Earlier, England were dismissed for 403, with Dawid Malan and Jonny Bairstow both scoring centuries.


Source: Radio Pakistan

Afghan Ambassador: Taliban Have Devolved But Must Be Brought Into Peace Process

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN The Taliban, known for its extreme Islamic rule before U.S. forces ousted the group from power in Afghanistan, have largely devolved into groups of criminals and terrorists, the country’s ambassador to Pakistan says.

The change is critical as Afghanistan tries to create a lasting peace after decades of conflict and chaos. The Taliban have expanded the turf they control since the government switched its security policy to focus on protecting urban areas. And, as a military solution becomes less likely, there is a growing desire to draw the Taliban into peace talks.

Peace cannot be brokered under duress, but it needs good and positive intentions because there is no other way to resolve the conflict but to negotiate peace, Ambassador Omar Zakhilwal told VOA Deewa in an interview in Islamabad. To talk peace, we need to identify the enemy, his intentions and his goals.

Much has changed*-

Before the U.S.-led invasion after the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, the Taliban under the leadership of cleric Mullah Omar � was best known for imposing strict Islamic law, forcing women to wear burqas, preventing girls from attending school, banning videos and music, and destroying cultural artifacts.

The group also imposed a crackdown on drugs that drove the country’s heroin production the world’s largest � to near zero.

Today, the country has made strides in catching up to the rest of the world, but conflict continues.

Heroin production in Taliban-controlled areas this year hit record highs, with the proceeds used to fuel the insurgency, leading to a new U.S. offensive against drug labs. Other terror groups, like Islamic State, have infiltrated the borders and taken up residence.

A place for the Taliban?

Still, there is hope among Kabul leaders that some Taliban leaders can be convinced to be pragmatic and act in the country’s best interest by renouncing terrorism and taking a place at the negotiating table.

The Taliban today are not the Taliban of Mullah Omar because they had some religious commitments and certain values, Zakhilwal said. But today, the Taliban force is a mixture of drug barons, spreading fear; some are opposed to the government on one pretext or the other; and there is a foreign hand involved as well. All these are to be scrutinized and engaged accordingly.

Those opponents who are not involved in terrorism can be accommodated, and all the conditions will be provided to take part in politics and enjoy all the rights as other Afghans, he said. But peace with Daesh (Islamic State) is impossible, and, similarly, peace with other foreign terrorists invading Afghanistan like those Turkmans, Uzbeks, Chechens, Arabs, Chinese and Russians is out of the question.

Source: Voice of America

Pakistani Legislation Would Control Moon Sighting Declarations

Saying you have spotted the first sliver of the moon could lead to a year in jail and a fine of about $2,000, according to proposed legislation in Pakistan.

Moon sighting is a sensitive subject in Pakistan, which has a special body, comprising religious scholars, to make sure the country’s nearly 200 million Muslims are 100 percent right in observing the religious festivities of Eid, Ramadan and the prophet’s birthday.

So spotting the baby crescent on the horizon in the evening is a big deal, and influential religious leaders have been stealing the government’s thunder at the start of the fasting month, Ramadan, by saying they’ve seen a tiny sliver a day or two before the official declaration.

The proposed law suggests the moon sighting is the property of the state and only the state body can make a formal announcement on when to start the lunar month.

Pakistan follows Saudi Arabia on major political and religious stances. In moon sightings, however, Pakistan has kept intact its independence from the kingdom, and it’s not a scientific issue.

The implementation of the proposed law is not possible. It will be challenged in the courts, argued Mufti Shahabuddin Popalzai of Qasim Ali Khan Masjid Mosque in Peshawar. The state’s moon sighting body considers him the main culprit as he has historically led northwestern Pakistan in observance of the major religious festivals a day earlier than the rest of Pakistan.

The proposed draft has been forwarded to the federal cabinet for approval. For media outlets, it also suggests a fine of $10,000 and possible suspension if they declare the sighting of the moon before the official government announcement.

Source: Voice of America

Bengal Tigers beat Punjabi Legends

In the first match of T-10 League at Sharjah, Bengal Tigers beat Punjabi Legends by three wickets on Friday.

Source: Radio Pakistan