16,000 African students enrol Moroccan universities

Rabat (IINA) – The number of African students pursuing their higher studies in Morocco is growing, from 1,040 in 1994 to 16,000 today, according to officials of Moulay Ismail University in Meknes.

The University hosted the African Week Conference from May 22 to 25 to discuss Afro-Moroccan economic and social development as well as the Moroccan leadership toward sustainability. The university noted that 8,000 scholarships had been granted to these students.

Held under the title of South-South Cooperation, the conference highlighted several issues and topics related to economic and social development, showcasing south-south collaboration among African countries in the economic, social and cultural domains.

The five-day event saw the attendance of several international and local politicians, professors, and researchers as well as overseas students, who in turn delivered presentations and speeches.

Millot, president of the Tahoua Region in Niger, said that he was delighted to see a public institution like Moulay Ismail University taking the initiative to bring this theme into discussion. This initiative offers tangible solutions on how to better manage our communities, said Millot.

Also at the event, Ralf Lorig, deputy for Education and Culture of the German Embassy, asserted that universities and researchers are the basis of the society’s development. If development does not happen at the university, it will not happen elsewhere, he said.

Source: International Islamic News Agency