12.5 meters deepening of container terminals to prove productive

Karachi: Karachi Port Trust KPT in line with the rising demands has deepened its container terminals, located at Karachi harbour, to handle ships of draft 12.5 meters which is a quantum leap and is bound to provide enormous benefits to ship owners who could now avail discounts through deployment of mother vessels and can also take the benefits of economy of sales.

To mark the deepening of container terminals, a gathering was hosted by the port trust authority late Friday evening.

KPT is going all out to achieve a depth of 14 meters which is the maximum for the vessels calling in the region, besides this, the KPT has taken the initiative to reduce port charges for regular caller vessels. The port trust has also introduced special tariff for Pakistani flag vessels and a special port tariff for employing Pakistani officers and crew. It has also successfully negotiated an unprecedented reduction in the Karachi Dock Labour Board Cess charges by 20 percent.

Earlier, while addressing the gathering, Chairperson KPT Nasreen Haque said the current trend of revamping and modernizing ports and port related facilities is imperative. Sharing statistics, she said cargo handling by KPT if 2004-05 was over 28 million tonnes, while in 2009-10 it rose to 41 million tonnes; showing an increase of more than 45 percent. She also said, KPT handled 0.9 million tonnes of containers in 2004-05 which rose to 1.47 million tonnes in 2009-10.

Furthermore, she said ship calls rose from 1786 ships in 2004-05 to 2146 in 2009-10 and the gross registered tonnage GRT of ships has risen to 55 million from 34 million during the same period.

Nasreen Haque said the 12.5 meters depth of container terminals will allow 300 meters length over all LOA ships to call at Karachi Port, and added that in line with the set goals, KPT will be able to welcome deeper draft vessels in 6 weeks time.

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