’Pakistan likely to capture Chinese sportswear market’

SIALKOT: Following the growing demands in the international trade markets, the Pakistani sportswear exports are expected to be doubled from existing US $ 4 billion annually. Pakistan was likely to capture Chinese markets of sportswear exports soon.

Central Chairman of Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA), Sialkot, Ejaz A. Khokhar disclosed this while talking to the newsmen here.

He added that due to the diversification of the manpower in China, the European countries’ buyers were facing inordinate delay in shipments and increase in prices. Due this critical situation, the European countries’ buyers were moving towards Pakistan, as there was a high quality of products, their competitive prices and in time shipments from Pakistan. This was situation was boosting and strengthening the sportswear exports from Pakistan.

He revealed that world’s several multi-national companies have shown keen interest in importing sport wears from Sialkot-Pakistan, as they were now also preferring the sportswear than the fashion wear. This is why the demand of the Pakistani sportswear has increased in Europe, as European people are sports conscious.

He said that famous brand of European Union is doing business in Pakistan so other companies and chain store has decided to buy sportswear from Pakistan. He was of view that European customer think China would not be competitive in near future. He said that now Pakistan is only country among Asia, which could fulfil their demands regarding quality, competitive rates and in time shipment.

Ejaz A Khokhar narrated that change of European buyers’ mind is kind of sweet story, as it is not minor change, it could be a big opportunity to fill the gap. He said that it is high time to catch the ball with full consideration. He urged the government to come forward with supportive attitude to maintain law and order situation, to end energy crisis and give special incentives to exporters of sportswear and readymade garments, enabling them to export their products with full devotion, dedication, confidence, concentration and complete peace of mind.

He said that under these circumstances, it seemed that China would soon be out from competition with Pakistan till 2015. He said that due to quantum jump in exports would be able to enhanced tax collection with foreign exchange and 20 percent more jobs would also be provided in the country.

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