‘Pakistan may produce 54,500 megawatts of power from water reservoirs’

Karachi: Pakistan could produce approximately 54,500 Mega Watts (MW) of electricity from water reservoirs by proper planning and management.

This was stated by Wajid Nawaz Khan, Director Planning and Facilitation Sarhad Hydel Development Organisation (SHYDO) Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa while speaking at seminar titled “Water Governance in Federal Systems: Facing the Challenges of Climate Change” here on Monday.

The event was arranged by the Centre for Civic Education and Forum of Federations in collaboration with German Foreign Office.

He said that hydel power generation potential of the country is about 54,500MW, but at present the total installed capacity of hydropower stations is about 6696MW.

Presently, he said 63 percent electricity was produced from thermal Oil and Gas and suggested that hydel potential should be explored.

Other speakers, including Kaiser Bengali, George Anderson and Professor Dr Shafqur Rahman said that Pakistan needs to focus on managing the available water reservoirs efficiently instead of constructing more dams.

They said that for the last more than 60 years, the government invested billion of rupees in building water reservoirs, but still the country is facing actuate water shortage, adding that proper management both by the government and consumers required to deal with the issue. They said that without availability of water construction of dams is of no use.

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