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NTT Communications to Launch New Data Center in Malaysia

TOKYO and CYBERJAYA, Malaysia, Apr. 18 / Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet –

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced on April 18 that it will start construction on the new Cyberjaya 4 Data Center this month, targeting the provision of commercial operations from May 2014.

Malaysia Cyberjaya 4 Data Center (CBJ4) will be the fourth data center in Malaysia to meet the expanding needs of the Southeast Asian market. Its advanced design will enable NTT Com to provide new business solutions for disaster recovery, managed services and professional training, which will be implemented through platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) business models.

CBJ4 will feature redundant systems for commercial and uninterruptible power supply, cooling, power generator and power distribution, plus robust systems for fire and flood prevention. The facility’s 24 x 7 office environment will enable a wide range of business process outsourcing.

Customers will enjoy high-speed, large-capacity internet access through NTT Com’s global IP backbone and Arcstar Universal One global IP-VPN. The Asia Submarine-cable Express connecting Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore will provide CBJ4 customers with extra-low-latency, extra-reliable network, data center and cloud services on an end-to-end, one-stop basis.

“Malaysia is well positioned to be a world-class preferred hub for data centers,” said Fumitoshi Imaizumi, President and CEO of NTT MSC, a wholly owned Malaysian subsidiary of NTT Com. “Liberal investment policies by the government, solid infrastructure and a large supply of people with IT expertise and multilingual talents offer clear advantages for foreign investors, particularly in terms of disaster recovery and offshore relocation. Our new Tier III-ready facility will enable us to deliver outstanding service quality to cater to accelerating local and global demands”

CBJ4 will offer high-quality, low-cost services in line with leading global standards such as the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), The Uptime Institute, Inc. (TUI) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE). It also will be compliant with the international certification, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and Malaysia’s eco rating, Green Building Index (GBI), both indicators of NTT Com’s commitment to building an environmentally friendly data center. Extensive use of green technologies and innovative processes will help to mitigate the environmental impact of ICT equipment and facilities.

About NTT Communications Corporation

NTT Communications provides consultancy, architecture, security and cloud services to optimize the information and communications technology (ICT) environments of enterprises. These offerings are backed by the company’s worldwide infrastructure, including leading global tier-1 IP network, Arcstar Universal One(TM) VPN network reaching over 150 countries, and over 140 secure data centers. NTT Communications’ solutions leverage the global resources of NTT Group companies including Dimension Data, NTT DOCOMO and NTT DATA.http://www.ntt.com/index-e.html | www.twitter.com/nttcom | www.facebook.com/nttcomtv | http://www.linkedin.com/company/ntt-communications

About NTT MSC Sdn Bhd

Incorporated on 2 July 1997, NTT MSC is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, the international and long distance arm of NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation), with a paid up capital of RM 140 million. NTT MSC was awarded Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Pioneer Status from the Government of Malaysia in 1997 after having fulfilled the objectives of MSC Malaysia and spearheaded the development of Flagship Applications in MSC Malaysia.

NTT MSC provides a full suite of internet and managed network services to comprehensively satisfy the multifaceted requirements of the wide variety of current business and market needs. The business activities range from global network and IP services to a full range of internet and data center services. For further information on NTT MSC services, please refer to www.my.ntt.com

Source: NTT Communications Corporation

XBT Holding Ltd. Announces 2012 Year-End Results

Revenue Up 40 Percent as Number of Servers Reaches 16,000

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA–(Marketwired – April 17, 2013) – XBT Holding Ltd., a global hosting and network solutions provider, has announced its 2012 year-end results, showing a 40 percent increase in revenue thanks to new customer wins and increased geographical reach.

EBITDA margin grew 3 percent year-on-year to reach 30 percent. This growth was driven by cost-efficient operations. XBT Holding’s customer base increased to 4,600 during 2012.

Further details of XBT Holding’s 2012 performance are presented below:







Revenue Increase



Debt to Equity Ratio



Number of Servers Operated



“Last year was pivotal for our company,” said Rajesh Kumar Mishra, Chief Financial Officer, XBT Holding. “We grew rapidly by establishing a solid presence in new expanding vertical markets and geographical regions. This helps us provide value added hosting and network services to more customers worldwide.”

Improved performance in XBT Holding’s debt to equity from 0.64x in 2011 to 0.33x in 2012 also positions the company well to sustain its growth while continuing to reward its investors. Auditor KMPG noted: “The Group manages its capital to ensure that it will be able to continue as a going concern while interesting the return to the investors through the strive to improve the debt to equity ratio. The Group’s overall strategy remains unchanged from last year.”

Notable 2012 developments include the launch of a number of new services to operate alongside Webzilla, XBT Holding’s leading global enterprise hosting brand. These new initiatives include:

1GB.COM, Inc. – affordable dedicated hosting in the U.S. and Europe

Fozzy, Inc. – shared and VPS (virtual private server) hosting services

Universal CDN, Inc. – global content delivery network services

In 2012 XBT Holding substantially extended its geographical coverage through several key acquisition deals:

root, S.A. – 50 percent stake acquired in Luxembourg-based provider of web hosting, offering the region’s highest performance backbone and parallel computing technology from the geographical centre of Europe

8 To Infinity, Pte. Ltd. – 100 percent stake acquired in Singapore-based enterprise and SMB hosting provider, giving XBT Holding a foothold in the Asia Pacific region

IBEE Solutions, Pvt. Ltd. – XBT acquired 70% of India-based provider of hosting solutions, innovative mobile applications and web development services, giving XBT a presence in one of the world’s biggest emerging markets

1-800-HOSTING, Inc. – 100 percent stake acquired in the U.S.-based dedicated and colocation hosting provider

Other landmarks for the year include a 50% asset increase in the number of servers XBT operates from 8,000 to 16,000, vastly improving the scalability options for its customers.

Universal CDN also saw its sustained total network throughput surpass 100 Gbps, which reflects XBT Holding’s continued investment in building a worldwide content delivery network. These developments mean XBT Holding now operates nine brands spanning three continents, positioning the company perfectly to continue its growth throughout 2013 and beyond. That strategy going forward includes a more focused targeting of industries such as e-commerce, financial services and advertisement networks.

“The beginning of 2012 was not great for the IT infrastructure business, mainly due to changes in the U.S. legislation for cloud-based file storage businesses, which negatively impacted most of the big players in this industry,” said Rajesh Kumar Mishra. “In spite of this major industry shift, which could not be foreseen or planned, we had a very impressive year in 2012: four successful acquisitions and three new product launches, which are performing ahead of initial expectations.”

About XBT Holding

XBT Holding Ltd. is a privately-owned global hosting, network solutions and web development provider founded in 2005, with offices in eight countries. Worldwide enterprise and SMB customers rely on XBT’s international expertise and comprehensive service portfolio, including managed dedicated hosting, colocation, shared and VPS hosting, high-performance network, cloud, web and application development services. The company operates a worldwide proprietary network through five carrier-neutral data centers and 12 points of presence in the United States, Europe and Asia, with more than 16,000 servers throughout seven subsidiaries. XBT Holding partners with most major Tier 1 networks to ensure high-speed international connectivity up to 1.3 Tbps. XBT is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the Internet infrastructure industry. Visit XBT online at http://www.xbt.com.

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WEBZILLA to Offer Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Services for XBT Holding Ltd. Companies Worldwide

Offers Greater Flexibility, Scalability, Efficiency and Ease of Use

DALLAS, TEXAS–(Marketwired – April 17, 2013) – WEBZILLA, a world leader in premium enterprise hosting and colocation services, today announced it is developing a full array of cloud solutions including public, private and hybrid offerings for customers and clients of WEBZILLA and XBT Holding Ltd.’s six other subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific.

“Demand for cloud services is growing ever stronger,” said Konstantin Bezruchenko, CTO of XBT Holding, WEBZILLA’s parent company. “Cloud computing is a powerful tool that offers great scalability and flexibility. We will not only provide all three of the principal cloud architectures, but also consulting services to help customers maximize the advantages of cloud services.”

WEBZILLA customers will enjoy greater scalability and flexibility from cloud availability, able to make instant deployments and service-level changes such as upgrades and downgrades without waiting for hardware to be provisioned. An autoscaling feature will allow customers to specify the number of server CPUs and size of RAM and disk space to be provisioned automatically as conditions warrant.

The ability to choose among public, private and hybrid cloud services means that enterprise customers can enjoy the benefits of private or hybrid clouds optimized for their environments, while others, such as SMB customers, can leverage the resource efficiency of the public cloud and its ability to rapidly add capacity for peak demand.

Cloud services are also well suited for customers running capacity-sensitive applications and platforms such as content delivery networks, large databases and mobile video coding, as it frees them from storage and back-up constraints. Customers will also benefit from advantageous pricing due to economies of scale and not having to license third-party software.

The cloud platform is being created by a highly experienced in-house cloud development group at WEBZILLA. The project is based on an open-source server virtualization solution that is being extended and optimized for performance and reliability on XBT’s existing and planned worldwide infrastructure.

The cloud offering will be rolled out by WEBZILLA and the other subsidiaries in two stages: cloud storage, to be available in Q4 2013, and public, private and hybrid cloud services to be available in Q1 2014.


WEBZILLA is a world leader in premium enterprise hosting and colocation services, with a private backbone network linking multiple carrier-neutral data centers in Europe (the Netherlands), North America (Texas) and Asia (Singapore). Partnerships with most major Tier 1 providers ensure premium 1,300 Gbps connectivity, allowing seamless handling of high-volume traffic at optimal speed and lowest latency. WEBZILLA’s engineering staff is adept at building scalable server architecture optimized for specific business requirements. WEBZILLA is the trusted hosting infrastructure partner of more than 500 enterprise customers in the most data-intensive industries, including e-commerce, game and software developers, payment platforms, FX brokers and video streaming companies. Visit WEBZILLA online at http://www.webzilla.com/.

About XBT Holding

XBT Holding Ltd. is a privately-owned global hosting, network solutions and web development provider founded in 2005, with offices in eight countries. Worldwide enterprise and SMB customers rely on XBT’s international expertise and comprehensive service portfolio, including managed dedicated hosting, colocation, shared and VPS hosting, high-performance network, cloud, web and application development services. The company operates a worldwide proprietary network through five carrier-neutral data centers and 12 points of presence in the United States, Europe and Asia, with more than 12,000 servers throughout seven subsidiaries. XBT Holding partners with most major Tier 1 networks to ensure high-speed international connectivity up to 1,300 Gbps. XBT is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the Internet infrastructure industry. Visit XBT online at http://www.xbt.com.

WEBZILLA and XBT Holding are trademarks or registered trademarks of XBT Holding Ltd. in the United States and other countries. Any other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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Echo360 Acquires ThinkBinder

Echo360 Adds Social Learning Tools to Leading Active Learning Solution With Second Acquisition in Six Months

DULLES, VA–(Marketwired – April 16, 2013) – Echo360, the market leading active and distance learning solution, announced the acquisition of ThinkBinder, a social collaboration tool that enables crowdsourced learning and online study groups. Students at Echo360 institutions will be able to share their notes, insights and ideas with their peers, improving the learning experience with knowledge gleaned from fellow students.

ThinkBinder will be included in current Echo360 technology, complementing the existing lecture capture and student engagement features, and results in industry’s only comprehensive active learning solution.

Research indicates that the use of social media tools like Twitter® outside the classroom can positively influence student learning outcomes(1). ThinkBinder allows educators to take advantage of today’s social media environment to improve the learning experience. Students and instructors form invitation-only online study groups for courses. They can collaborate and complete group projects with familiar social tools like discussion feeds, collaborative whiteboards, file management, and text/video chat in a private cloud solution.

“The acquisition of ThinkBinder brings the best of social media to the Echo360 active learning solution. Students benefit with crowdsourced learning while instructors can participate and monitor as needed,” said Fred Singer, CEO of Echo360. “This drastically improves an institution’s ability to enhance the experience for on-campus, distance and even MOOC students by creating a connected and collaborative online learning experience.”

This is the second acquisition by Echo360 since investment from Revolution Growth in early 2012 and signals continued rapid growth for the company. In November of 2012, Echo360 acquired LectureTools. Founded at the University of Michigan, LectureTools enables instructors to engage students through digital polling and questions during traditional class time.

Echo360 fuels teaching and learning moments before, during and after the class. Instructors ask questions and poll students to increase engagement and participation levels during the class session. Echo360 then records, broadcasts and archives traditional classroom lectures and instructional material. These materials are available after class on virtually any smart phone, tablet or computer to help students increase the efficiency and effectiveness of study time. With the addition of ThinkBinder, communication between students is pushed beyond the traditional classroom or face-to-face study group by driving instant and continuous communication between peers and the instructor.

“Colleges and universities are realizing the significant value of distributing their course material online, and Echo360 enables the creation of that content at scale,” said Greg Golkin, Founder of ThinkBinder and now Head of Platform Innovation at Echo360. “Together, Echo360 and ThinkBinder add a contextual conversation to the content, transforming the once passive viewing experience into a dynamic, social and engaging learning opportunity.”

Launched in 2012 ThinkBinder operates out of their office in New York City. The ThinkBinder team will transition into positions with Echo360 and the company plans to expand the office. Financial terms were not disclosed.

(1) R. Junco, G. Heibergert & E. Loken. The effect of Twitter on college student engagement and grades. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

About Echo360

More than one million students in 6,000 classrooms at 500 institutions in 30 countries rely on Echo360 active learning technology to enhance their educational experience before, during and after class. Developed for educators by educators, Echo360 increases in-class participation with digital polling, provides a rich out-of-class experience by recording and sharing course instruction, and delivers deep usage analytics to help instructors gauge student progress in a course. Students watch, collaborate and participate on smartphones, tablets and laptops, wherever, whenever they choose. Echo360 was recognized with the Product Line Strategy of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan, is CSIA-certified for outstanding customer service, and was named a Visionary Vendor in Educational Technology by IT research firm Basex. Echo360 is backed by Revolution Growth led by Steve Case, Ted Leonsis and Donn Davis.

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Industry 4.0 – Intelligence and Communication in Hazardous Environments

ecom Instruments GmbH Presents a New Mobile Computer for Explosive Environments

ASSAMSTADT, GERMANY–(Marketwired – April 11, 2013) – Industry currently stands before its fourth technical revolution. After mechanization, mass production and the use of electronics for automation, the age of Industry 4.0 has now begun: wireless communication and digital networks form the basis of the new technological era in modern industry. ecom instruments distinguishes itself with the new and future-oriented PDA i.roc® Ci70 -Ex as pioneer for digital communication in explosive environments.

The use of modern communication systems in industry already connects products and manufacturing processes wirelessly with digital networks. At the same time, increasing digital communication also means a higher demand that terminal devices be equipped with RFID technology, WWAN or WLAN and should be able to communicate online. With innovative developments in mobile communication and identification systems, as well as mobile computers in explosive environments, ecom instruments GmbH responds to the latest requirements of the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries. The result is embodied by the i.roc® Ci70 -Ex, a mobile computer that in many aspects points to an industrial revolution for ex-protected handheld computers.

The i.roc® Ci70 -Ex works with Windows Embedded 6.5.3 based on the Intermec CN70e platform and is certified not only for ATEX and IEC zones 1/21, but also for NEC Class I, Division 1. With its modular design, the PDA can be flexibly equipped with different heads ranging from barcode scanners to RFID in low, high and ultra-high frequencies. Even retro-fitting or exchange is possible. As a result, customers have a high degree of investment security if, for instance, they wish to switch from 1D barcodes to RFID HF.

Along with all the important WLAN standards (802.11 a/b/g/n), the i.roc® Ci70 -Ex offers a UMTS module for the first time in mobile computers certified for zone 1. An Internet connection is now also possible without the previously required WLAN infrastructure.

“We’re facing a critical change in industry, for which the virtual world, decentralised process intelligence and the creation of highly flexible and efficient production sites will reach a completely new level. ecom instruments GmbH provides innovative mobile technology for explosive areas in response to the needs of the Smart Factory of tomorrow. This is revolutionary in the segment of explosion-protected systems, which usually trail behind the actual technological standard”, commented Carl Henderson, Managing Director of ecom instruments ltd. in the United Kingdom.

Brief profile of ecom

Globally, ecom instruments is the leading addresses for mobile devices for use in explosive areas, whether this involves chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas production, mining or energy and the environment.

For over 25 years, ecom has set the standards and gathered comprehensive expertise in explosion protection for daily use in hazardous industrial areas across the entire globe.

In its four core disciplines of mobile computing, communication, measurement and calibration, and portable hand lamps, ecom instruments offers a huge variety of innovative and proven solutions.

Further information on the i.roc® Ci70 -Ex can be found at: www.iroc-ci70.com

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Meru Networks Named 2013 Network World Middle East’s Wireless Vendor of the Year

Prestigious Annual Event Places Meru On Stage Alongside Other Networking Leaders Including Avaya, EMC, Ericsson and HP Middle East

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwired – April 11, 2013) – Meru Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: MERU), a leader in virtualized Wi-Fi networks, today announced that it has been named the 2013 Network World Middle East Wireless Vendor of the Year at an awards ceremony held April 1 at the Habtoor Grand’s Andalus Ballroom in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.

“We are extremely pleased to have been recognized for this distinguished honor,” said Zakir Lokare, regional director of the Middle East and African regions for Meru. “Network World is an authority on networking and technology in the region, and its having chosen Meru for this award is a true mark of distinction.”

The Network World Middle East Awards event has become a critical date on the region’s technology social calendar, annually filling the Habtoor Grand’s Andalus Ballroom to capacity. As in previous years, the 2013 Network World Awards was attended by more than 200 of the region’s IT leaders. Judges for the awards included Arun Tewary, CIO, Emirates Flight Catering; M.N. Chattuvedi, IT director, Oasis Investment Co.; Douglas Ian Wakeford, senior advisor, Experton Group and Trevor Andrew Moore, CIO, Qatar University.

About Meru Networks

Meru Networks (NASDAQ: MERU) is a market leader in the development of mobile access and virtualized Wi-Fi solutions. Meru’s MobileFLEX wireless architecture addresses the ever-growing need for higher bandwidth and higher client densities. The Meru Identity Manager solution greatly simplifies secure device onboarding and the company’s unique Context-aware Application Layers (CALs) enable dedicated channel assignments for specific applications, devices and usage scenarios. Meru customers include Fortune 500 businesses as well as leaders in education, healthcare and hospitality. Founded in 2002, Meru is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., with operations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Japan. Visit www.merunetworks.com or call (408) 215-5300 for more information.

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