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CSI Awarded $132 Million Long-Term Contract for Husky 2G Protected Payload Delivery Vehicle and Route Clearance Payloads

CHARLESTON, S.C., April 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Critical Solutions International (CSI) announced today that Army Contracting Command – Warren has awarded the “Husky Long Term Contract” to the company for route clearance and counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) vehicles, equipment and services. This three-year requirements contract is based around the Husky 2G Protected Payload Delivery Vehicle and its associated route clearance payloads.

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Enhanced Capabilities That Saves Lives.

This contract, with an estimated value of $132 million, provides an enduring mechanism for both U.S. and international foreign military sales (FMS) customers to purchase C-IED vehicles, equipment, spare parts, and training at pre-negotiated commercial prices. This opportunity also enables a rapid response to the growing international demand for proven route clearance and C-IED capabilities provided by CSI and its industry partners.

Patrick Callahan, CEO of Critical Solutions International said, “Our company is proud to serve as the leader in route clearance and C-IED solutions for both the U.S. Department of Defense and our international partners. Through this contract, the Husky 2G vehicle will continue to provide unparalleled route clearance capabilities to U.S allies and protect lives around the world. I thank our partner companies for their commitment to innovation and to providing the most advanced route clearance package available today.”

U.S. Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC, 2nd District) said, “Critical Solutions International is a global leader in route clearance solutions, so it is only fitting that they have been awarded this contract.” Rep. Wilson serves on the House Armed Services Committee while chairing the Readiness Subcommittee and is a member of the Emerging Threats & Capabilities Subcommittee. “When visiting CSI, I have seen firsthand their dedication to producing quality products that support our service members and allies overseas, protecting them from improvised explosive devices.”

The Husky Long-Term Contract includes the latest Husky 2G configuration featuring an innovative electrical architecture (J1939 CAN bus). In addition to reducing weight and streamlining troubleshooting procedures, the digital wiring harness enables forward compatibility with CSI’s RC-PACK autonomous applique system as well as future advanced sensors.

As international demand for adaptive route clearance and C-IED capabilities continues to grow, this contract streamlines the acquisition process and provides a mechanism for CSI to quickly satisfy urgent global needs. Foreign customers have already placed delivery orders against this contract, with twenty-one (21) Husky 2G vehicles currently committed to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Latvia.

An additional twenty (20) vehicles have been ordered through a U.S. Department of State funding source known as the Special Defense Acquisition Fund (SDAF) in anticipation of equipment need by future Husky 2G customers with urgent requirements. In addition to allied national funds, various U.S. Department of Defense and Department of State funding sources are now available to purchase CSI clearance products and training including foreign military financing (FMF) and Iraq Train and Equip Fund (ITEF) allocations.

CSI attributes their success in delivering urgent route clearance capabilities worldwide to the company’s diverse network of unique technology partners. Working closely with DCD Protected Mobility, Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems, FASCAN International, Denel Mechatronics, TORC Robotics, and QinetiQ North America, CSI provides a comprehensive equipment solution through this single contract. The coordinated application of these protection, detection, interrogation, and security systems creates a full spectrum of route clearance capability.

Dan Deguire, Vice President of Land Systems for QinetiQ North America said, “Our company is once again honored to partner with Critical Solutions International on the Husky Long Term Contract. We are pleased that the Q-Net® Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) defeat system has been selected as a critical component of the Husky route clearance program. Q-Nets have a long history of outstanding performance in the field. Our continued partnership with CSI has greatly increased the survivability for both American service members and our international allies against this deadly threat.”

CSI is the world’s leading provider of total package route clearance solutions. An essential supplier of the U.S. countermine and route clearance community, CSI’s products lead the way in the safe detection and neutralization of explosive threats. For more information please visit www.c-s-i.com

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Contact: David Costello, 617.875.2492; david.costello@c-s-i.com

Turkish Army Selects Critical Solutions International’s Two- Operator Husky Vehicle As Their Route Clearance Solution

Introduces Critical Enhancements in the Mine Detection, Interrogation, and Clearance
Capabilities of the Turkish Military

CARROLLTON, Texas, Sept. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) — Critical Solutions International (CSI) announced today that the Turkish Army has made a purchase of the two-operator Husky Mark III vehicle to lead its route clearance patrols and infrastructure security. This is Turkey’s first acquisition of the Husky and represents a critical enhancement in the mine and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection, interrogation, and clearance capabilities of the Turkish military. The governments of Spain and Australia have also recently acquired and deployed Husky route clearance vehicles in the past year, highlighting the increasing international necessity for a robust solution for the enduring IED threat.

The%20Two Operator%20Husky%20Mark%20III%20Vehicle Turkish Army Selects Critical Solutions Internationals Two  Operator Husky Vehicle As Their Route Clearance Solution

The Two-Operator Husky Mark III Vehicle

A photo accompanying this release is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/prs/?pkgid=20783

This order includes four Husky vehicles equipped with several mission equipment packages, including the Fassi M20AL Lightweight Composite Interrogation Arm, the Rocket Propelled Grenade Net protection system (Q-Net(R)) from QinetiQ-NA, and a 360 degrees situational awareness camera system jointly developed by CSI and Torc Robotics. This contract was awarded to IPA Defence of Turkey, the distributor for CSI and its strategic partner DCD Protected Mobility, a division of DCD (Pty) Ltd. of South Africa.

Threat Interrogation. Emergence of Semi-Autonomy. Husky Family of Vehicles.

Prompted by the need to combine enhanced detection and interrogation capability on a single vehicle platform, the Husky MK III landmine and IED detection vehicle is emerging as family of vehicles and trailers to provide a wide array of sensors. The addition of a 360 degrees situational camera system to the Husky is the initial foundation of CSI’s planned phased introduction of a semi-autonomous capability. Husky vehicles have survived more than 7,000 IED and mine explosions in combat without a single operator blast fatality. The U.S. Army recognized this life-saving vehicle design with an Innovation of the Year Award for 2010.

“The threat of IEDs is not going away. The IED is also not limited to recent US theaters of combat operations and international militaries are increasingly recognizing the need to have this life-saving advanced detection capability,” said Mike McCormack, CEO of CSI. “By selecting the two-operator Husky vehicle, the Turkish Government has made a significant investment in saving lives and enhancing the capability of the Turkish Army. The two-operator Husky vehicle, equipped with the Fassi Interrogation Arm, Q-Net(R) and a 360 degrees camera system provides the essential technology for threat detection and interrogation and will help protect the lives of service members and civilians. We are honored to have been awarded this contract and are looking forward to working with the Government of Turkey and the Turkish Army.”

About Critical Solutions International (CSI) — CSI is a world leader in the development, delivery, and service support of blast-protected vehicles with land mine, improvised explosive device, and unexploded ordinance detection capability. An essential supplier of the U.S. countermine and humanitarian demining community, CSI’s products lead the way in the safe detection and identification of hidden threats. For more information about CSI, please visit www.c-s-i.com.

About DCD Protected Mobility — DCD Protected Mobility is a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of special purpose tactical wheeled vehicles, providing innovative and sustainable combat proven landward protected mobility products and solutions, through international partnerships, benefiting all stake-holders. Please visit www.dcd.co.za.

About IPA Defence Systems — IPA Defence aims to achieve a global competitive position in the defense industry sector, was established in 2009 and upon signing successful agreements with globally leading brands in the defense sector, has gained an important place in the European defense industry. They continue to provide services in the fields of optical systems, network-video, mine searching and detection GPR, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, armored vehicle systems, firearms, ballistic protection, and ammunition. Please visit www.ipadefence.com.

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