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عالمی معیار کی خدمات کی فراہم کرنے کے ارادے سے میراز نے چار نئے ہوٹل برانڈز کا اعلان کیا

دبئی، متحدہ عرب امارات، 18 اپریل، /2017 پی آر نیوز وائر/–  میراز (Meraas) نے ہوٹل کے چار نئے دلچسب برانڈز , ری ویرا,  (RE VERA) اودو(EVADO) ,ویوس  (VIVUS) اور مق(MQ) لانچ کرنے کا اعلان کمپنی کو عالمی معیار کے ہوٹل آپریٹر کے طور پر قائم کرنے کے مقصد کے ایک حصے کے طور پر کیا ہے۔ ہوٹل دبئی میں ہاسپٹلٹی کی فراہمی میں توسیع کرنا چاہتا ہے اور امارات میں کاروبار یا تفریح کے لیے آنے والے مہمانوں کو خوشگوار تجربات کا احساس کرانا چاہتا ہے۔

من پسند عالمی منزل کے بننے کے دبئی کے اسٹریٹجک روڈ میپ کی تکمیل کیلئے میراز نے دسمبر 2015 میں ہوٹل آپریٹنگ کی شاخ قائم کی۔ حال ہی میں لانچ کیے گئے نئے ہوٹل برانڈزکوشہر میں آنے والے مسافروں اور مہمانوں ضروریات پورا کرنے کے لیے اور اپنی کلاس میں بہترین ڈیزان اور جدید ترین ٹکنالوجو کی فراہمی کے لیے  احتیاط سے منظم کیا گیا ہے۔ یہ برانڈز اہم جگہوں پر ہوٹلوں کے ذریعہ بوٹیک لکزری، لکزری، اپر اپ اسکیل، اور اپر مڈ اسکیل کے مہمانوں پر توجہ مرکوز کریں گے۔

میراز کے گروپ چئر مین عبداللہ الحبئی , نے کہا: ” میراز نے اپنے پورٹ فولیو اور لینڈ مارک منازل کے ساتھ مضبوطی سے خود کو متحدہ عرب امارات میں ایک اہم جدت طراز کے طور پر  قائم کیا ہے۔ دبئی سیاحتی وژن 2020 میں تعاون کے عزم کے تحت، جسے عزت مآب شیخ محمد بن راشد المکتوم نے منظوری دی ہے جو  نائب صدر اور متحدہ عرب امارات اور دبئی کے حکمران اور وزیر اعظم ہیں، ہم نے مختلف طبقات میں، نئے، گھریلو طور پر تیار ہوٹل برانڈز کو متعارف کرانے کے نئے مواقع کی شناخت کی۔‘‘

’’دبئی عالمی ہوٹل آپریٹروں کو متوجہ کرنے میں کامیاب رہا ہے۔ شہر  بین الاقوامی ہاسپٹلٹی برانڈز کے برابر مقامی ہاسپٹلٹی تجربات پیش کرنے میں کامیاب رہا ہے۔ ہمیں یقین ہے کہ نئے برانڈز جو ہم متعارف کر رہے ہیں اس شعبہ میں بہتری لائے گا، ماڈرن انتخاب فراہم کرے گا، اور دبئی کی پوزیشن کو سرکردہ سیاحتی جگہ کے طور پر قائم کرے گا۔‘‘

پہلے نئے ہوٹل جو میراز کے ذریعہ آپریٹ کیے جائیں گے وہ ری ویرا اور ویوس ہے یہ برانڈڈ ریزورٹس بلیو واٹرز پر واقع ہیں۔ یہ ہوٹل 2018 میں کھلیں گے، اور عین دبئی جو دنیا کی سب سے اونچی اور سب سے بڑی آبزرویشن وھیل ہے، اور ایک جزیرہ بن رہا ہے اس سے تھوڑی دوری پر ہوں گے۔

ریویرا بلیو واٹرز ریزورٹ 178 پر تعیش کمروں اور 96 سروسڈ اپارٹمنٹس پر مشتمل ہے، جس کی رینچ ایک سے چار بیڈ رومز ہوگی۔ ویوس بلیو واٹرز ریزورٹ 301 پر تعیش کمروں اور 119 سروسڈ اپارٹمنٹس پر مشتمل ہے، جس کی رینچ  بھی ایک سے چار بیڈ رومز ہوگی۔ مہمانوں کی براہ راست رسائی سہولیات کے ایک مجموعے اور خدمات کے ساتھ 450 میٹر کے نجی بیچ تک ہوگی۔

ماخذ: میراز (Meraas)

Meraas Announces Four New Hotel Brands in a Move Intended to Create World-Class Hospitality Experiences

DUBAI, UAE, April 18, 2017/PRNewswire/ — Meraas has announced the launch of four exciting new hotel brands called EVADO, RE VERA, VIVUS, and MQ as part of its objective to establish the company as a world-class hotel operator. The hotels also aim to widen the hospitality offering in Dubai and present guests visiting the emirate, for business or leisure, a plethora of novel experiences.

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Meraas established its hotel operating arm in December 2015 to complement Dubai’s strategic roadmap of becoming a global destination of choice. The newly launched hotel brands are carefully curated to cater to the specific needs of travellers and visitors to the city and offer best-in-class design and the latest technology. The brands will target travellers in the boutique luxury, luxury, upper upscale, and upper midscale segments, with hotels set to be situated in prime locations.

Abdulla Al Habbai, Group Chairman at Meraas, said: “Meraas has firmly established itself as a key innovator in the UAE through its portfolio of landmark destinations. In line with our commitment towards contributing to Dubai Tourism Vision 2020, approved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, we have identified a unique opportunity to introduce new, home-grown hotel brands, across different segments.”

“Dubai has been successful in attracting global hotel operators. The city has also succeeded in creating local hospitality experiences on par with international hospitality brands. We are confident that the new brands that we’re introducing will enrich the sector, offer modern choices, and reinforce Dubai’s position as a leading tourism destination.”

The first of the new hotels to be operated by Meraas are Re Vera and Vivus branded resorts located at Bluewaters. The hotels are on schedule to open their doors in 2018, and will be a short walk from Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest and largest observation wheel, being built the island.

Re Vera Bluewaters Resort boasts 178 luxurious rooms and 96 serviced apartments, ranging from one to four bedrooms. Vivus Bluewaters Resort comprises 301 rooms and 119 serviced apartments also ranging from one to four bedrooms. Guests will have direct access to an array of amenities and services, as well as a 450-metre private beach.


Source: Meraas


Radisson Blu, the iconic hotel brand driven by innovation and design, is proudly announcing the opening of a new hotel in Diyarbakir, Turkey. The latest Turkish addition to the Radisson Blu family brings a new standard of excellence to Diyarbakir, in southeastern Turkey. With a prime location in the city’s new business district, Radisson Blu brings an upper-upscale, stylish hospitality experience to Diyarbakir.

“We are delighted to bring Radisson Blu to Diyarbakir and expand its presence in Turkey,” said Mark Willis, Area Vice President, Middle East & Turkey, The Rezidor Hotel Group. “Convenience is at the heart of this hotel. The hotel has a first-class location, with easy access by rail or road, and is the closest hotel to the airport. We believe the accessibility factor, combined with the appeal of an iconic international hotel brand, will drive strong demand from domestic and international travelers.”

Situated on the banks of the Tigris River, the city of Diyarbakir has recently enjoyed significant expansion, thanks to quickly growing industry and business opportunities. Diyarbakir acts as a regional headquarters for several national companies and is the second most important industrial city in this region of Turkey.

All 167 guest rooms and suites have a warm, contemporary design and include free, high-speed WiFi. There’s also a choice of rooms to suit every traveler, from Standard, Family and Superior Rooms, or for more spacious accommodation, a range of suites with stunning panoramic views are available. The signature 155-square-meter Presidential Suite adds a more decadent touch and provides the opportunity to relax in style while at Radisson Blu Hotel Diyarbakir.

The hotel is conveniently located in the city’s business district Kayapinar. The city’s airport is just 6 kilometers away.

The hotel’s Hevsel Restaurant delivers a fusion of global and regional flavors to offer guests a unique dining experience. The restaurant also serves up the Radisson Blu’s signature Super Breakfast with an abundant choice of breakfast options providing a healthy start to the day. The City Café & Bar offers drinks and light bites, and guests can take in the great views of the city from the bar’s rooftop terrace.

The spa and treatment rooms provide guests with a chance to unwind. The hotel also has a fitness center and indoor pool.

The flexible meeting and events space provides the ideal venue for all occasions. The spacious Mezopotamya Ballroom can host conferences for over 500 guests or private social functions. The five meeting rooms covering 784m², located on the mezzanine floor, provide the space to host recreational get-togethers or more formal business meetings.

Mustafa Eryilmaz, General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel, Diyarbakir, says, “The Radisson Blu Hotel, Diyarbakir is delighted to open its doors and we look forward to delivering the greatest of international upper upscale hospitality experience to our guests. The hotel is a welcome addition to the city of Diyarbakir. Its accessibility to Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri, Sivas and Malatya means we are truly gearing towards building one of the largest footprints in upper upscale hospitality across Turkey.”

For more information:

Media Contacts:

Stephen Kamat, Area Director PR & Communication, Middle East & Turkey

Lucie Cardona, Director Media Relations & Reputation Management

About Radisson Blu®
Radisson Blu® is one of the world’s leading hotel brands with nearly 300 hotels in operation in 69 countries and territories. Radisson Blu’s vibrant, contemporary and engaging hospitality is characterized by a unique Yes I Can!SM service philosophy, and all of its first class hotels offer a range of signature features that are empathetic to the challenges of modern travel, including the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Distinguished the world over as the brand with Hotels Designed to Say YES!SM, Radisson Blu offers a vivid visual celebration of leading-edge style where the delight is in the detail. Radisson Blu hotels are located in prime locations in major cities, airport gateways and leisure destinations across the world.

Radisson Blu is a part of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, which also includes Quorvus Collection, Radisson®, Radisson RED, Park Plaza®, Park Inn® by Radisson and Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM. For reservations and more information, visit Connect with Radisson Blu on social media: @RadissonBlu on Twitter and Instagram and

About The Rezidor Hotel Group
The Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the most dynamic hotel companies in the world and a member of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. The group features a portfolio of more than 480 hotels in operation or under development with 105,000 rooms in 80+ countries.

Rezidor operates the core brands Radisson Blu® and Park Inn® by Radisson in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), along with the Club CarlsonSM loyalty program for frequent hotel guests. In early 2014 and together with Carlson, Rezidor launched the new brands Radisson RED (lifestyle select) and Quorvus Collection (luxury). In 2016, Rezidor acquired 49% of prizeotel. Rezidor has an industry-leading Responsible Business Program and was named one the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the US think-tank Ethisphere.

In November 2006, Rezidor was listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm, Sweden. HNA Tourism Group Co., Ltd., a division of HNA Group Co., Ltd.-a Fortune Global 500 company with operations across aviation, tourism, hospitality, finance and online services among other sectors-became the majority shareholder in December 2016.

The Rezidor Hotel Group and its brands employ 43,700 people in EMEA and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

For more information, visit
Twitter @carlsonrezidor

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A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

پرپل شوول نے انٹر آرڈیننس انکارپوریٹڈ کے ساتھ شراکت داری کا اعلان کردیا

پرپل شوول امریکی-ساختہ اے کے-47 کا خصوصی سرکاری فراہم کنندہ بن گیا

پام بے، فلوریڈا، 22 مارچ 2017 / پی آر نیوز وائر / — خدمات سے معذور سابق فوجی اہلکاروں کے چھوٹے کاروباری ادارے (ایس ڈی وی او ایس بی) پرپل شوول، ایل ایل سی نے آج سرکاری خریداروں کو امریکی-ساختہ اے کے-47 فراہم کرنے کے لیے انٹر آرڈیننس انکارپوریٹڈ کے ساتھ ایک خصوصی معاہدے کا اعلان کردیا ہے۔

پرپل شوول کے چیف ایگزیکٹو آفیسر بینجمن ووریل نے کہ ہماری شراکت داری خصوصی کاروائیوں کے دستوں کی غیر-روایتی ہتھیاروں کی بڑھتی ہوئی ضروریات کے ساتھ ہم آہنگ ہے۔ یہ ہتھیار ہمارے اتحادیوں کی ترجیح رہے ہیں جس کی وجہ ان کی قدرے کم قیمت اور چلانے میں آسانی ہے۔ پرپل شوول اعلی معیار کی امریکی-ساختہ اے کے-47 کے ساتھ ان کی یہ ضرورت پوری کرنے کے لیے تیار ہے۔

اے کے-47 بنانے والے واحد امریکی ادارے انٹر آرڈیننس انکارپوریٹڈ نے بھی اپنی مصنوعات میں غیر ملکی حکومتوں کی زبردست دلچسپی کی تصدیق کی ہے۔ ادارے کے چیف ایگزیکٹو آفیسر اولریچ ویگنڈ نے کہا کہ عرب دنیا میں امریکی-ساختہ مصنوعات کی بہت زیادہ طلب ہے۔ انہوں نے ہماری بندوقوں کے معیار کی قدر افزائی کی ہے اور یہ بات جان کر حیران رہ گئے ہیں کہ ہم اے کے کو یہاں امریکا میں تیار کر رہے ہیں۔

پرپل شوول کی مدد سے انٹر آرڈیننس ماہانہ 2,500 اے کے تیار کرنے کی موجودہ صلاحیت کو دوگنا بڑھانے کا منصوبہ رکھتا ہے تاکہ سرکاری گاہکوں کی بڑھتی ہوئی طلب کو پورا کیا جاسکے۔ ادارہ مقامی معیشت کے لیے ایک نعمت ثابت ہورہا ہے جس نے گزشتہ سال انٹر آرڈیننس میں سرمایہ کاری کرنے والے فلوریڈا خلائی کوسٹ اقتصادی ترقی کمیشن کی توجہ حاصل کرلی ہے۔

پرپل شوول، ایل ایل سی کے بارے میں

پرپل شوول، ایل ایل سی ایک مستند خدمات سے معذور سابق فوجی اہلکاروں کا چھوٹا کاروباری ادارہ (ایس ڈی وی او ایس بی) ہے جسے 2010 میں قابل قدر حل فراہم کرنے کے لیے قائم کیا گیا تاکہ متعدد علاقائی اور بین الاقوامی مشکلات کا مقابلہ کیا جاسکے۔ پرپل شوول آپ کے بہترین مفاد کو ذہن میں رکھتے ہوئے درست حل فراہم کرنے کے لیے دنیا بھر میں کام کر رہا ہے۔ میدان میں دہائیوں کا تجربہ رکھنے  والے پرپل شوول کے ماہرین گاہکوں کی موجودہ اور بڑھتی ہوئی ضروریات کو پورا کرنے کے لیے جدید اور حساس پروگرامات کی تکمیل کرتے ہیں۔ پرپل شوول غیرمعمولی بین الاقوامی رسد، کاروباری-فوجی تعلقات کے قیام، دنیا بھر میں استحکام کے لیے کی جانے والی کروائیوں کی حمایت، حربی خریداری، سلسلہ فراہمی کے انتظام، برادری و تجارتی اقتصادی ترقی اور انسانی امداد کی فراہمی یقینی بنانے میں مہارت رکھتا ہے۔

انٹر آرڈیننس انکارپوریٹڈ کے بارے میں

انٹر آرڈیننس انکارپوریٹڈ امریکی-ساختہ اے کے اور اے آر کا اولین تیار کنندہ ہے۔ 20 سال سے بھی زائد عرصے سے انٹر آرڈیننس فلوریڈا کے خلائی کوسٹ سے دنیا بھر کے صارفین کی خدمت میں مصروف ہے۔ انٹر آرڈیننس کے کارخانے میں کام کرنے والے عملے کا تقریباً ہر رکن سابق فوجی یا نیشنل گارڈ کا رکن ہے۔ انٹر آرڈیننس کا ہر آتشی اسلحہ ہاتھ سے تیار کیا جاتا ہے اور بھیجے جانے سے قبل جانچا جاتا ہے۔ ادارے کی تیار کردہ تمام اے کے محدود عرصہ حیات کی وارنٹی کے ساتھ پیش کی جاتی ہیں۔

مزید یہاں دیکھیے:



Purple Shovel Announces Partnership With Inter Ordinance Inc.

Purple Shovel becomes exclusive government supplier of American-made AK-47’s

PALM BAY, Fla., March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Purple Shovel, LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) today announced an exclusive agreement with Inter Ordnance Inc. to provide its American-made AK-47s to government buyers.

“Our partnership aligns with a growing need among Special Operations Forces for non-standard weapons,” said Purple Shovel CEO Benjamin Worrell. “These weapons are preferred by our allies for their relatively low cost and simplicity of operation. Purple Shovel stands ready to fulfill this need with high-quality, American-made AKs.”

Inter Ordinance Inc., the only American manufacturer of the AK-47, also confirmed strong foreign government interest in their product. “There is massive demand for American-made products in the Arabian world,” said CEO Ulrich Wiegand. “They recognize the quality of our rifles and were blown away that we manufacture AK’s here in the US.”

With help from Purple Shovel, Inter Ordinance plans to double its current capacity of roughly 2,500 AKs per month to accommodate increased demand from government clients. The company is proving a boon to the local economy, capturing the attention of the Florida Space Coast Economic Development Commission, which invested in Inter Ordinance last year.


Purple Shovel, LLC is a certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 2010 to provide value-added solutions to an array of domestic and international challenges.  Purple Shovel works around the globe to deliver the right solutions with your best interests in mind.  Purple Shovel professionals with decades of field experience implement innovative and mindful programs to meet and exceed client needs.  Purple Shovel specializes in exceptional international logistics, bridging commercial-military relations, supporting worldwide stability operations, strategic procurement, supply chain optimization, community and commercial economic growth, and ensuring humanitarian assistance.


Inter Ordinance Inc. is the premier manufacturer of American-made AKs and ARs. For over 20 years, Inter Ordinance has served customers the world over from Florida’s Space Coast. Almost every member of Inter Ordinance’s manufacturing crew is a Veteran or member of the National Guard. Every Inter Ordinance firearm is manufactured by hand and test fired before it is shipped. All of the company’s AKs are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Gemalto and IER create the complete self-service airport experience for travellers

  • Gemalto and IER Fly to Gate provides secure biometric authentication from check-in to boarding
  • A combination of hardware and software automates document and ID verification processes for airports and airlines
  • Compliant to government requirements including biometrics, it provides stringent security for immigration

Amsterdam, Mar. 14, 2017 – Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, and IER , a leading designer of solutions that improve the flow of goods and people, have teamed up to create an end-to-end self-service airport experience for travellers.

Airport travel is booming; in 2016, there were 3.8 billion passengers and the International Air Transport Association (IATA1) expects this to double by 2035. This means that the industry and authorities will need to deploy automated solutions to optimize the flow of passengers while guaranteeing stringent security.

Gemalto and IER Fly to Gate answers the growing need for a self-service experience that takes travellers smoothly from their home to the departure gate. The solution typically gives the traveller the choice between mobile check-in or self-service kiosks and includes bag drop points, border control, security and boarding gates.
This innovative offer combining IER’s self-service equipment and services with Gemalto’s border management solutions opens a swift and secure biometric pathway through the airport.

Gemalto and IER Fly to Gate supports multimodal biometric verification including facial recognition, robust document verification and straightforward integration with immigration systems, enabling rigorous standards of security and outstanding operational efficiency for airports and airlines.

The solution offers complete flexibility to meet individual airport operator requirements, and the potential to make virtually all traveller handling processes automatic. By putting the passenger in control of their airport experience, Gemalto and IER’s joined-up approach reduces queueing, as well as the stress and strain associated with air travel. Airports and airlines also benefit from the enhanced customer experience, with travellers enjoying more free time in leisure and retail facilities.                                                                               

Maxime Boulvain, CEO at IER said:
For airports and airlines alike, the opportunities created by strong growth in passenger numbers go hand in hand with the challenges of more stringent border and security checks. This new partnership between IER and Gemalto squares the circle, utilizing world-class automation techniques to improve customer satisfaction, implement consistent identity and document verification procedures, and maximize commercial revenues.”

Frédéric Trojani, Executive Vice President of Government at Gemalto said:
“The appetite for automated, self-service travel experiences is already evident in the success of electronic travel authorization, online check-in and automated border eGates. “For the first time, our solution offers an opportunity to reap the full benefits of this trend, working with leading partners whose solutions have been proven in numerous deployments.”

Discover how Gemalto and IER will revolutionize the airport experience at Passenger Terminal Expo on stand #5010.

1 Source IATA – October 2016

About IER

IER is the world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of terminals and integrated solutions for major air and rail travel networks. IER developed a comprehensive range of self-service solutions. With a broad range of technologies and software solutions for barcode identification, RFID and biometric control, IER also brings new mobility solutions for the transport industry.

IER media contact:

Catherine Kokar
Airports & Airlines Activity Marketing Manager
+33 1 41 38 61 10  

About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO) is the global leader in digital security, with 2016 annual revenues of €3.1 billion and customers in over 180 countries. We bring trust to an increasingly connected world.

Our technologies and services enable businesses and governments to authenticate identities and protect data so they stay safe and enable services in personal devices, connected objects, the cloud and in between.

Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to enterprise security and the internet of things. We authenticate people, transactions and objects, encrypt data and create value for software – enabling our clients to deliver secure digital services for billions of individuals and things.

Our 15,000+ employees operate out of 112 offices, 43 personalization and data centers, and 30 research and software development centers located in 48 countries.

For more information visit, or follow @gemalto on Twitter.

Gemalto media contacts:

Philippe Benitez
+1 512 257 3869
Kristel Teyras
Europe Middle East & Africa
+33 1 55 01 57 89
Shintaro Suzuki
Asia Pacific
+65 6317 8266
Vivian Liang
Greater China
+86 1059373046


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