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Sihui City: China’s New Exemplary Cultural Center of Jade Taking Shape

SIHUI, China, June 29, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– Though it is not the place of origin, Sihui, a county-level city of Guangdong province, is called ‘the City of Jadeware’. It is well-known for the elaboration of jade from other places. As one of the largest centers of processing and selling jadeware, Sihui is also landed with green ecological landscape, like a jade in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. With years’ efforts, it has become one of the 100 counties with greatest potential of investment in China by innovatively reconstructing new urbanization and integrating into the Pearl River Delta.

Established in Qin Dynasty, Sihui is a millennium county with a history for more than 2,230 years and a profound culture, which develops the Chinese traditional culture based on jadeware. The history of elaborating jadeware in Sihui can be dated back to the end of Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. Until now, Sihui has been enjoying the reputation of “The City of Jadeware in

China” for its complete industrial system of jadeware which includes elaborating, providing, selling and service. More than 100 thousand workers produce over ten-thousand-ton jadeware every year and the goods are eagerly demanded in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau and other places around the world.

Within these years, Sihui has been devoting itself to urbanization development, boosting the transformation and upgrading of jadeware industry. Based on this pillar industry as well as advantaged ecological and cultural resources, the government of Sihui plans to establish a exemplary cultural center of jade town featuring the integration of industry, city, human and culture. The investment by the government is as large as more than RMB 20 billion for optimizing the integration of tourism, ecological environment and cultural resources in order to improve the level of industrial development model, products innovation and the employment of the city. It is said that Jadeware as the pillar industry can yield up to RMB 30.4 billion in 2020.

“Jade from elsewhere is turned into jadeware in Sihui.” With the objective of building its image with the jade cultural spirit and constructing a benevolent, fair, intelligent, brave and clean city, Sihui has been making a characteristic town of jadeware and regards the construction as the driving force of new urbanization, building a county-level economic development and spiritual civilized model in China.

SOURCE: Sihui City Government

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‫د ايکس سي ايم جي لخوا د انټرميټ آسين۲۰۱۷ د ميلينونو ډالرو نيټ امرونه په اړه پريزنټيشن

بنکاک، تايلنډ، جون ۲۹، ۲۰۱۷/ پي آر نيوز ويټر / ایکس سی ایم جید بينکاک، تاايلند کې د انترت اي ايسان ۲۰۱۷) “انټيتټ” څخه راستانه شوی دی چې د ارادي امرونو قرارداديانو، حکومتونو او پرمختيايي ادارو سره د 100 $ امريکايي ډالرو په ارزښت مشترکه ارزښت لري، د جنوب ختیځ آسیا په مارکیټ کې نور بازار موندنه.

یوازې د چین ساختمان ماشین جوړونکی چې په انټیتټ کې نندارتون ته بلنه ورکوي، ایکس سی ایم جی د خپلو وروستیو محصولاتو سره د نړۍ نوي او ممکنه پیرودونکي متاثر کړي او د “پرمختللي او پایښت وړ” شرکت د سرو زرو معیاري ژمنه.

د ایکس سی ایم جی د وارداتو او صادراتو مرستیال مشر هوان ژانګنګ، د انټیتټ پرانیستلو په مراسمو کې د آسیا په بازار کې دایکس سی ایم جی ژورو ریښو په اړه او همدارنګه د چین د بیلټ او روډ نوښت ( بی اينډ آر) لخوا وړاندیز شوي نوې امکانات، د چین حکومت حکومت پراختیایي ستراتیژي درې کاله پیل شوه پخوا، د “ورېښمو سړک” نوی جوړولو لپاره چې په اسيا او افریقا کې هیوادونو سره نښلوي.

“بی اينډ آر دمخه د تايلنډ په لویو پایلو کې مرسته کړې ده چې د زیربنا ودانولو کې د تایید شوي زیاتیدونکي پانګونې سره د تایید ټرانسپورټ لپاره نوي فرصتونه رامینځته کړي د تھائی دولت حکومت د پانګونې نور نوي فرصتونه رامینځته کوي. په ټایلنډ کې، ایکس سی ایم جی پالن لري ترڅو نور محصولات رامینځته کړي چې د زیربناو پروژو لکه د چین-تیلنډ ریل پټلۍ، د ښاري ریل پټلۍ او د هوایي ډګر پراختیا پراخه کړي، کیدی شي.”

د 2016 کال ترپایه، دې شرکت د صادراتو سره 65 د بی اينډ آر له 48 برخې څخه د ټولو حجم 75٪ برخه کې د بازار برخه پراخه کړه.

د 1990 لسيزې په اوږدو کې د تاي مارکيټ ته د ننوتلو راهيسې، دایکس سی ایم جی برنامه د سيمه ايزو ودانيو شرکتونو لخوا د باور وړ محصولاتو کيفيت او چټک خدمت لپاره خورا ستاينه شوې ده. لکه څنګه چې نوموړی شرکت د بی آر آئی په ځواب کې نوي اهداف نقشه کوي، ایکس سی ایم جی ژمنه کړې چې د لوی مسوولیت د مینځلو ارزښتونو او لویو لاسته راوړنو اساسي تعقیبولو ته ژمن دی.

“ایکس سی ایم جی د لوړ کیفیت جوړونې ماشین جوړولو تولید لپاره وقف شوی دی چې کولی شي په نړۍ کې له غوره غوره رسه سیالي وکړي. موږ د دې لپاره چمتو یو چې د تایلنډ سره د زیربنا جوړونې پروګرام سره مرسته وکړو چې د اقتصادي پراختیا هڅونه او دواړه پلانونه په لفظي او معقول توګه پلوي، چې په ټولو کچو کې پیاوړي کوي. ”

د ایکس سی ایم جی په اړه:

ایکس سی ایم جی د ګڼ شمیر تخنیکي ماشین جوړولو شرکت دی چې 74 کاله تاریخ لري. دا اوس مهال د نړۍ د ودانولو ماشین صنعت کې نهه درجه لري. دا شرکت له 177 څخه زیات هیوادونه او د نړۍ په کچه سیمو ته صادروي.

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PM reviews regional security situation

A high level meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the chair discussed the regional security situation in Islamabad on Friday.

Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz gave a detailed briefing to the meeting on different aspects of the country’s foreign policy.

The meeting reviewed the situation on the line of control and the ongoing Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

The adviser briefed the meeting about Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan and Iran.

Source: Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage.

Pakistan keen to strengthen bilateral ties with UK: Dar

Minister for Finance Mohammad Ishaq

Dar on Thursday said that Pakistan was keen to work with the UK for

further strengthening bilateral ties and broaden economic


Talking to Acting British High Commissioner, Richard

Crowder who called on him, the Minister said that after having

achieved macroeconomic stability, the government was now focused on

attaining higher, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

The minister and the Acting High Commissioner discussed the

current state of bilateral ties between Pakistan and the United


He said that Pakistan achieved a GDP growth rate of 5.28

percent in fiscal year 2016-17, the highest in a decade, and the

growth target for FY 2017-18 was set at 6 percent.

Pakistan and the UK have a strong and historic partnership

with mutual cooperation in various areas, he added.

He appreciated the continued support of the British

Government, including through DFID, for different initiatives and

projects in Pakistan aimed at socio-economic development.

The Acting High Commissioner briefed the Finance Minister on

the upcoming Family Planning Summit being hosted by DFID in London

on July 10-11,2017.

He was accompanied by Ms. Judith Herbertson, Deputy Head of

Department for International Development UK (DFID) in Pakistan.

Secretary Economic Affairs Division also participated in the


Source: Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage.

Brazil’s 16-year-old Baseball Wonder Turning MLB Heads

IBIUNA, BRAZIL � A prospect with a 94 mph fastball gets a lot of attention, no matter where he is pitching � even when that prospect is a diminutive 16-year-old from a country with little baseball tradition.

Eric Pardinho’s blazing fastball has brought scouts to this city 50 miles west of Sao Paulo in soccer mad Brazil. The 5-foot, 8-inch tall right-hander could get a lot more attention July 2, when Major League Baseball teams can begin signing international players. Pardinho is No. 5 on’s list of 30 world prospects to watch.

Pretty impressive for a kid who was introduced to baseball almost by accident.

I am only here because at 6 years of age I was playing paddleball on the beach and my uncle thought my control could be good for baseball back in Bastos,” he said.

Also throws change, slider

Bastos is a small town outside of Sao Paulo with a sizeable Japanese population. The Japanese began bringing their love of baseball and sushi to Brazil in the early 1900s.

Pardinho, whose mother’s parents are Japanese, started gaining attention last year when he struck out 12 in a win over the powerhouse Dominican Republic at the under-16 Pan Am Games. In September he got two outs against Pakistan � both strikeouts � in a qualifier for the World Baseball Classic, a 10-0 win played in New York City.

The young Brazilian’s changeup and slider have also earned praise from local coaches, who already see at him as a potential national star for baseball’s return to the Olympics in 2020 at Tokyo. At the moment Brazil has only one player in MLB, the Cleveland Indians catcher Yan Gomes.

Since January, more and more visitors have come to watch Pardinho workout at a new MLB-sponsored training center in Ibiuna, another city influenced by baseball-loving Japanese immigrants.

Eager to sign

Pardinho is eager to sign with a team and move to the United States.

There is a lot that I will only learn when I go, said Pardinho.

The pitcher said his height should not be an issue, though his family members still hope that he will grow more in the next year.

Some time ago there was an issue with shorter players, but now there are teams that don’t care. It matters more that I have a safe fastball and two more good options, including a curveball that I control well, he said.

‘He destroys them all’

Other MLB hopefuls agree: facing Pardinho is a huge challenge.

Pardinho’s curveball is amazing, he is more than fast. His height doesn’t matter because his arm can do wonders, said third baseman Victor Coutinho, also 16.

Also a pitcher, Heitor Tokar practices with Pardinho every day and believes in his friend’s future in the sport.

Pardinho doesn’t feel any difference when he throws against players taller than him, he destroys them all, Tokar said.

Even Pardinho’s coach, Mitsuyoshi Sato, knows the teen is headed for bigger challenges, and protects his arm. Sato pitches the soon-to-be pro no more than two innings at weekend tournaments.

Room for improvement

Pardinho’s father Evandro makes the hour-plus drive from Bastos to check on his son, and Sato makes sure Pardinho is a priority for Yakult training center medics. Pardinho has the support of an orthopedist, a physiotherapist and a fitness trainer. He also has a technical trainer.

He still has to improve physically and mentally. I don’t want him to do too many fastballs now because I worry about a possible injury, said Sato. No arm is prepared to pitch that fast, much less the arm of a kid.

Sato believes Pardinho has room for improvement in the control of his changeup so he can spare his arm and shoulder.

Pardinho thinks if he has success, he could change baseball in Brazil.

If I do well, maybe more and more Brazilians, not only those of Japanese heritage, will think of playing on a diamond, too.

Source: Voice of America

PM announces compensation for martyrs of Parachinar blasts

In response to an extraordinary initiative taken by the Governor, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Engineer Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has announced a compensation of Rs one million for the heirs of each martyred and Rs 0.5 million for every injured of the tragic bomb blasts that took place at

Parachinar just before Eid-ul-Fitr.

While expressing his deep sympathies with the members of the bereaved families, the Governor has said that the

monitory compensation is just a token of deeply realized feelings on

part of the government and could never be an alternative to

the precious lives lost in the tragic incidences.

We fully share the feelings of the affected families and assure them to extend every possible support and cooperation in future as well, the Governor said in a press statement issued by Governor House on Thursday.

We have to carry forward the war against terrorism jointly and would defeat the terrorists through the joint efforts of the Pakistan Army and the people as well.

Source: Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage.